woman, welcome.


This is a space for exploring, questioning, sharing, defining, + awakening womanhood.



Welcome to the Inquiry

A Welcome + A Challenge for You


What does it mean to be a woman? Who are you allowed to be, what are you allowed to do, what choices are you allowed to make as a woman? What is your role as a woman? Do you have an inherent nature as a woman? How do you wear your womanhood? How does it feel to be a woman? What's your relationship to your 'mother line' — your mother, and her mother? What is your relationship to your womanhood?

It is every woman’s prerogative to put voice to her own experience of womanhood.

We are waking up. It is not an easy process. It is a topsy-turvy time when everything feels new: we're experiencing new thoughts, feelings, confusions, frustrations, grievances, heartaches, realizations, values, empowerment ... questions, questions, and more questions.

Done with the old stories of going it alone or turning to 'gurus' to fix us, what we are looking for is real connection. This is the time of collaboration, of sharing ideas + questions in community with other women, of being 'in the inquiry' alongside them, of participating in a respectful + substantive dialogue where the issues at hand are treated seriously but also loosely, with an attitude of experimentation + curiosity.

In this space, I'm going to challenge you to relinquish your ego's desire to be 'right' about whatever it is you think you believe right now. We are all learning, always. Always, as Sue Monk Kidd put it, "waking up and then waking up some more." This space, this community, is a space for learning — awakening, exploring, questioning, sharing, and redefining womanhood — together.


Are You Awakening?

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