a different source and motivation for embracing 'feminine' qualities

A Different Source + Motivation for
Embracing 'Feminine' Qualities

In one sense, women may again play into patriarchal hands when they leave conventional religion behind and begin to study, work, and play with the older matriarchal concepts. Most Goddess worshipers emphasize such traits as human warmth, love, sensitivity, generosity, and nonjudgmental acceptance. Lo and behold, the same traits were always urged upon Christian women too. […] So what’s different about today’s women telling each other to be patient, loving, nurturant, and sensitive to others’ needs, in honor of a Great Mother instead of a Great Father? Perhaps the major difference is that women are teaching each other to accept themselves and other women, nonmembers of the in-group, more easily than they used to. […] Women are learning to recognize their sisterhood under the skin, and to know there are many different ways of being victimized.

Barbara Walker
The Crone

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