the path of conscious love

The Path of Conscious Love

Conscious love is "love in the service of inner transformation" — or, if you prefer, "inner transformation in the service of love." ...

... conscious love is probably the most inclusive of all spiritual paths. It can be walked by any and all, in any relational combination or none. It can be practiced by monks, by romantic partners both gay and straight, with children and aging parents, in a hermitage under the starry skies, with pets, and even with houseplants. The bottom line is not the "who" but the "how": the direction of the energy flow. On a path of conscious love the energy is always radiating outward; it is never self-defended or congealed. The contemporary teacher Raimon Panikkar succinctly captures the essence of this motion when he writes: "I am one with the source insofar as I too act as a source by making everything I have received flow again."

Cynthia Bourgeault
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene

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