we are all children of a celibate spirituality

We Are All Children of a Celibate Spirituality

It gives one a bit of a start to realize that for the better part of two millennia, Christian theology has been written, shaped, formulated, and handed down almost exclusively by celibates talking to other celibates ...

What's worse, there is a double jeopardy at work here that is in its own way far more insidious. Because it has been so thoroughly programmed into us that celibacy is the highest Christian way and that committed spousal love is a second-rate path or no path at all ("better to marry than to burn," as Paul reluctantly allows), it is hardly surprising that our Western anthropology of human sexuality is abysmal ... The idea that there could be anything holy about this kind of love is too alien to even consider. That's simply the way our ears have been trained to hear it; we are all children of a cultural stream whose vision of human love has been shaped by the shadow side of celibate spirituality.

Cynthia Bourgeault
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene

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