women's access to the purpose of god's will

Women's Access to the Purpose of God's Will

Jewish monotheism and Christianity, which built upon it, gave man a purpose and meaning in life by setting each life within a larger, divine plan which unfolded so as to lead man from the Fall to redemption, from mortality to immortality, from fallen man to the Messiah. Thus, in the Bible we see the development of the first philosophy of history. Human life is given meaning through its unfolding in the historical context, which ... is defined as the carrying out of God's purpose and God's will. Man, endowed with free will and instructed by Holy Writ, as interpreted through male priests, could actively fulfill his destiny and affect the historical process. Men interpret God's word; men carry out the ritual, which symbolically ties the human community to God. Women's access to the purpose of God's will and to the unfolding of history is possible only through the mediation of men. Thus, according to the Bible it is men who live and move in history.

Gerda Lerner
The Creation of Patriarchy

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