anthropos, the completed human being

Anthropos, the Completed Human Being

Mary arose, then, embracing them all and began to address them as her brothers and sisters saying:

        Do not weep and grieve nor let your hearts remain in doubt, for his grace will be with all of you, sustaining and protecting you. Rather, let us give praise to his greatness which has prepared us so that we might become fully human.


"To become fully human" is a modern translation of the words "to become an anthropos," a completed human being. Both here and in the Gospel of Thomas this notion is at the very heart of Jesus's vision of transformation.

In modern psychological parlance building on a Jungian foundation, the concept of anthropos is generally interpreted in terms of an integration of the opposites within oneself — specifically, a bringing together of the male and female principles within the individual human psyche ...

... there is far more at stake here than simply integrating masculine and feminine principles within one's finite humanity. The integration takes place on a cosmic scale and ... it amounts to a fundamental shift in perception ...

When this level is attained ... a person becomes "a single one" (in Aramaic, ihidaya: one of the earliest titles applied to Jesus): an enlightened or "fully human" being ... [It] really pertains to the union of the finite and infinite within oneself ... so that there is "one Heart, one Being, one Will, one God, all in all."

Cynthia Bourgeault
The Meaning of Mary Magdalene

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