awakenings are like the changing of seasons

Awakenings Are Like the Changing of Seasons


Awakenings happen like the changing of seasons. We all have a catalyst, some of us a crisis, that prompts our awakening, but the awakening itself is definitely an -ing. It is ongoing, happening over time, something in progress and in process.

When does it "become spring"? Humans decided it happens on the equinox, but nature just sees a constant shifting toward life, toward death, toward life again. Expansion and contraction and expansion again, and so on and so on.

I have a feeling awakening is like this, too — that we will never get to a moment and determine that we are now finally Awake ... we are just more awake than yesterday and last week and last year.

And we'll keep on waking up some more, on into tomorrow and next week and next year, if we let ourselves.