how i accidentally stopped wearing makeup

How I Accidentally Stopped Wearing Makeup


A funny thing happened last summer, as I was getting more serious about my quest for womanhood and diving headlong into my self-curated reading/study list. I accidentally stopped wearing makeup. And you want to know what happened?

Literally nothing.

Either: a) people have their own issues to deal with, so no one noticed; or b) people are actually decent human beings, so no one said anything even if they did notice! Imagine that.

I had accidentally stopped wearing makeup out of the house last summer on my days off (which really means that I just started forgetting to make a point of needing to put on makeup any time I was going to leave the house), but I wasn't ready to go au naturel to work, so I stuck to my usual makeup-and-hair routine on work days.

Then, I intentionally stopped wearing makeup + doing my hair altogether at the end of last year. In fact, the last time makeup when onto this face (or my hair was blown dry instead of air-dried) was December 24 — Christmas Eve. I have now gone over two straight months intentionally makeup-free and all-natural.

Some women love doing their makeup. For them it is a ritual with meaning and love behind it. For me, it was an obligation and, dare I say, an addiction.

And, if I'm really being honest, I still mentally struggle with this new commitment some days. Some days it feels less like I'm embracing my natural beauty, and more like I'm simply resigning myself to being 'unpretty.' This is an ongoing process.

But damn if I don't feel a little more powerful and a little more liberated from my own bullshit every day.