another excerpt from our December read-along of "A Woman's Worth"

Another Excerpt from Our December
Read-Along of A Woman's Worth

This month, I'm hosting a read-along of A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson. This is an excerpt from today's email for my fellow readers!

A creative spilling of her guts

"In writing this book, I have no purpose other than a creative spill of my own guts." (from the Preface)

I'm having to remind myself that Williamson did not set out to write your typical 'self-help' or women's studies book — she's not giving us how-to steps, nor is she trying to 'prove' anything with data or research. The evidence she shares is anecdotal, and to her credit, she was clear about that from the start.

Her purpose in writing this book was to simply share her own experiences and her own perspective of womanhood, and hopefully here and there we might find some bits and pieces we could relate to and/or sympathize with.

This book is not prescriptive, it is descriptive. It is an act of solidarity. When I try to keep that in mind, that it's almost like a published personal journal, then I'm more open to what she has to say and how she goes about saying it.

So, if I can offer a couple key, and very generalized, exercises at this point, they're simply these:

- Pay attention to what you don't agree with as much as what you do.
- Pay attention to the issues you wish there were solutions or guidance for.

Any time you find yourself shaking your head or nodding it, notice that. Ask yourself why. What does this clarify in your own beliefs about womanhood? Get out your journal and argue with Williamson! Make your point. Tell it how you see it. Being able to state what your own philosophy of womanhood isn't or what it doesn't stand for can be just as helpful as being able to define what it is. Some of Williamson's beliefs or assertions may put your own ideas into relief.

And any time you find yourself asking, "Yeah, but what can I do about this?" Write. It. Down. These are things that are clearly important to you, things that resonate with you, and by writing them down, you'll make it easier for yourself to come back and spend some time with them. If you record the issues now, you can experiment later with your own creative solutions.

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