healing is wholing

Healing is Wholing


Shadow work. Processing. (Unprocessing.) Healing.

The work of awakening doesn't have to be so ... heavy.

Healing is really a process of whole-ing ourselves. It's about wholeness. It's about becoming ourselves.

In the idea of shadow work is the assumption that we have to really learn to be comfortable with the 'negatives' of our experience: past, present, or future. I think many of us, when we first undertake 'shadow work', feel that it is a process of entrenching ourselves in the darkness, of staying and staying and staying with it.

But healing, and shadow work is a process of healing, comes down to this ...

In healing, don't get me wrong, we must lean into the strongly uncomfortable places — the beliefs, patterns, or even circumstances that we feel such strong emotion about — but not to necessarily stay with any stories about why those things were/are bad or negative or 'wrong', but to stay instead with the questions: 

What does my strong emotion about this thing have to tell me about ...
... what I value and believe?
... what I want to believe?
... who I am?
... who I want to give myself permission to be?
... my most natural self?

We dig down deep and instead of focusing on how dark it is down here, how dirty and messy and cramped, we choose to find the seed, the seed that is, not despite but because of the dark and dirt that surrounds it, emanating such energy that it is growing and growing and growing out of its own internal force.

The apple seed will become an apple tree. There is no doubt about it. The sunflower seed will become a sunflower. There is no doubt. The Jessica seed will become a Jessica. The Andrea seed will become an Andrea. The Sharon seed will become a Sharon. No doubt.

I often call the journey I'm on a journey of un-processing. Like the story of Michelangelo who, when asked how he had created such a masterpiece as the statue of David, said that he had seen David within the marble and then simply removed anything that was not David, this is our same task: to remove, bit by bit, everything from our expression of self (assumptions, priorities, values, beliefs, etc) that is not ourselves.

This is healing. This is unprocessing. This is the purpose of shadow work.

Healing is about turning toward our own nature.
Healing is about becoming ourselves.
Healing is about wholing ourselves.
Healing is wholing.