it's time for women to write the new stories

it’s time for women to write the new stories

It’s Time For Women to Write the New Stories. Written by Jess Davidson. Painting detail from “Orphan Girl at the Cemetery” by Eugene Delacroix

Awakening woman, don’t try to tell me you don’t have something to say about the state of the world. I know you do.

Awakening women have stories to tell. More importantly, we have stories to re-write, for our own good, and for the good of all women. As we go on our own journeys, we begin to see things in a new light, and we begin to know, deeply and with certainty, that many of the narratives that have been written for and about women (mostly by men) aren’t cutting it anymore.

What moves men of genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.

EugÈne Delacroix

Women need new narratives and new heroines to model the full complexity of the experience of womanhood. We need honest, accurate, and even hopeful reflection of the nature of women and the potential for women.

I wrote my book without a plan. I just decided to begin and see what stories I needed to tell. I didn’t know the plot I was writing at the beginning. I didn’t know the themes or conflicts I was writing. Hell, I didn’t even know my main characters’ names until halfway through.

But as I wrote, I learned a lot about what has clearly been on my heart. I wrote the things I felt it was desperately important to talk about. I wrote about mothers and daughters, I wrote about marriage and partnership, I wrote about stubbornness, fear, wisdom, and surrender. I wrote about women in the midst of their competence, and I wrote about women in the pursuit of something (other than romance).

I wrote a story that I needed to see told.

And I’m going to keep on creating new stories, new narratives, and myths, that I need myself. And someday I hope to share them, because I believe that we all benefit from women telling the truth about womanhood.

Truth lives in fiction. Fiction allows us to tell the truth in ways that are larger than just our individual experience, but which become universal. Fiction reveals us, and fiction can redeem us.

This is a call to every woman who has felt a story pulling on her heart.

What is the work inside of you that you’ve been avoiding? The thing you know you have to create that you have felt unprepared or unable to make? The thing you’ve been afraid to speak into existence, the thing you haven’t felt ready to own up to yet?

What is the creative work that your awakening is calling you to do? What do you know you need to make, to create, to express for womankind?

That creative work is your Real Work. And it’s time you got started.

Let this be the year that you give your heart to your creative work. Don’t let another year go by without writing the words, without telling the stories, without saying what needs to be said, without creating what you wish were in the world.