honor your pace

Honor Your Pace


Last week I took a break from reading Women Who Run With the Wolves, because the week before I had read a chapter (7. Joyous Body — The Wild Flesh) that, to use the words of a woman I spoke with on Instagram, really "stuck under my ribs."

I knew that instead of charging ahead and continuing on, I needed some time to process what that was bringing up for me, and wanted to give that new learning space to take root. So I picked up another book and flew through it, finishing it up before the end of the weekend.

Last night, I cracked open WWR again for my bedtime reading and ... I just wasn't ready. I still have this feeling like Dr. Estes' writing and work is so powerful I would be doing myself an injustice of forging ahead, not really being 'open' to the new material since I'm still trying to process previous stuff.

So, I set it back down and chose another new book. My ego, in its wanting to 'win' at reading WWR, is trying to make this decision feel silly and unnecessary. But it is what it is. I'm not going to force it, I'm going to flow with it.