how has womanhood been processed by patriarchy?

How Has Womanhood Been Processed by Patriarchy?


Isn't it funny how when your mind + spirit are working through something really important, suddenly everything seems to be speaking to the issue ... even things that would seem to be completely unrelated?

I picked up In Defense of Food for some light off-theme reading a couple weeks ago when I needed a break from Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Ever since, I've been thinking about all the ways we, as women, and womanhood itself have, like food, become processed, too, but by millennia of patriarchal thought-systems, by the breeding out and selecting for certain 'desirable' characteristics, beliefs, and insecurities, by the discouragement of women's natural variation in favor of homogeneity.

And what richness and nourishment am I denying myself when I let my patterns run my life, when I accept the status quo, when my assumptions go unchallenged? How is my processing working on me even now?