our greatest delusion is that what we are is human

Our Greatest Delusion Is that What We Are Is Human

I think the mistake we make
(that I make)
that causes so much suffering is the belief that what we are is


we are here as humans for a reason:
to experience this particular existence ('humanity') within the cosmos,
to experience this particular expression ('I') of this existence.

embracing our humanity, this embodied experience, is necessary for this. we have chosen to be born into this existence when we could have been born as a million different things in a million different places in this universe.

but we are not of this place.
we are not humans.
we are visitors.

we are here, in human lives,
to experience what humanity feels like

but to believe that this is what we are is the great delusion.

we are not human.
we are the universe having a human experience.