proud to be a woman this international women's day

Proud to Be a Woman This International Women's Day


Happy International Women's Day!

Whether you're striking or celebrating some other way, I hope today you are honoring + exercising your power as a woman. Because in case you forgot: women are powerful, women are sacred.

I forgot. Actually, I'm not sure I really ever knew it (beyond an intellectual, sure women are powerful, blah blah sort of way). So the fact that my womanhood is powerful is kind of a revelation to me. I didn't feel this way last International Women's Day. (I'm not even sure I was aware of IWD last year?)

It took a complete breakdown of how I understood myself as a woman for the first time last year, that set me on my quest for womanhood. And I'm fucking proud to be a woman now. And you know what, it's not just because all women are (and womanhood itself is) powerful and sacred. It's honestly, truly, really because I fucking built my sense of womanhood from the ground up over this last year.

I worked for it. I got fiercely curious about myself and who + what I was allowing myself to be because of all the assumptions and preconceptions I was operating under (unconsciously until then). I started reading, watching, listening to literally anything + everything I could get my hands on about womanhood and the female experience.

I took it all in like data in an experiment, weighing each new piece of information against my own personal philosophy, making adjustments to my own understanding where necessary, and sticking to my beliefs in other places. I kept moving forward, kept reading, kept studying, kept investigating + questioning + hypothesizing.

I owe so many thanks to the writers of these books. They left the crumbs for me to follow through the deepest dark of the woods, and somewhere in the process I started to make my own path. I'm a different woman now than I was a year ago. (Well, for one thing, I feel like a woman now, and not just a 'grown-up girl'.)

So, fuck yes, I am so proud to be a woman and so grateful for this journey I've had to go on to get here. Happy International Women's Day, women.