beware teachers who take themselves too seriously

Beware Teachers Who Take Themselves Too Seriously


Beware 'teachers' who have too tight a hold on their own world-views and philosophies, who take themselves and their teachings too seriously ... and who want you to believe you're not "ready for their message" if you don't, too.

Beware communities who elevate their leaders into gurus or prophets or saviors, who worship at the altar of [insert leader's name here] ... and who regard you as a 'non-believer' if you don't, too.

Beware philosophies that are presented as The One True Way, that demand an all-or-nothing adoption, that scorn interpretation and personalization.

Find people whose messages or perspectives or ideas or whatever have something to teach you, but then accept that new information as input, and integrate it into your own values, beliefs, and personal philosophy as you see fit.