5 Affirmations for Recovering Creatives

5 Affirmations for Recovering Creatives

5 Affirmations for Recovering Creatives. Written by Jess Davidson. Painting: Detail from “Self Portrait” by Angelica Kauffmann

As we begin to write, to tell our stories, to turn toward our creative natures, many of us are also recovering from years of negative feedback about the creative process or our creative work.

We may have been told by authority figures in our lives — parents, teachers, etc. — that our creative work, our writing, our stories, weren’t as important as other tasks or activities or responsibilities.

We may have developed habits of keeping our finished work private, or procrastinating and putting off the work in the first place, in order to soothe our fears of our work not being acknowledged and accepted.

Coming back to our own creative natures is a courageous act. We know that we must do our Real Work, but we have learned, over many experiences in our lives, to mistrust our creative work and our creative selves.

Affirmations can help anchor and steady us, and encourage us to keep going, when we begin to have feelings of overwhelm or incapability.

Below are five affirmations for remembering that you have what it takes to tell your stories and do your creative work.

The Affirmations

I write for myself first.

Writing is a joyful activity for me.

I am capable of writing my story now.

Every word I write is making me a better writer.

My capacity for my work expands as I do my work.

How you can use affirmations

A few ideas for you …

Any time you sit down for a writing session, first write down (by hand) your favorite affirmation five times in a row.

Write your favorite affirmations on sticky notes and place them around your writing space, in your notebook, or onto your laptop.

Set your favorite affirmations as alarms or reminders on your phone. You could set each one to go off once a day, multiple times a day, or on alternating days.



Your Turn

Do you use any affirmations for your creative well-being? What are some of your favorites? How do you use them?