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Waking Up + Then Waking Up Some More

In the process of becoming conscious women, becoming the heroines of our own lives, becoming ourselves, waking up is the first step. I think we probably never graduate from this stage. It is an ongoing process of always, as Sue Monk Kidd put it, "waking up and then waking up some more."

2/Your Personal Philosophy

Defining Yourself + Your World

As we begin to wake up and explore womanhood — as a concept and in our own experience — it is important for us to treat all outside sources as data in a grand experiment. In this analogy, you are the scientist and the experiment. It is your responsibility to evaluate what you learn against your own values and beliefs so that you can begin to develop your own philosophy about womanhood, the world, and yourself as a woman in the world.

3/Heroine Consciousness

Living Your Philosophy + Becoming Yourself

The heroine is not just an archetype; she is a consciousness within each of us that we have only to awaken and activate.

4/Fuel for the Fire

Resources + Catalysts for Waking Up Some More

We need catalysts for awakening, and we need new catalysts for new growth all the time. This is why I consider reading books about womanhood written by women a part of my spiritual practice. Question everything. Dissent more. Keep waking up.

5/The Madness in the Method

A Personal Record of the Ongoing Process of Awakening

Many of these entries are straight out of my own personal journal with little or no editing. I share them as an act of solidarity, to show that awakening is, indeed, an ongoing process that requires intellectual, emotional, and spiritual work. Let the messiness in my own processing give you some comfort that no matter what the specifics of your awakening may look like, messiness is expected and accepted. Side note: Comments are disabled on many of these posts because, y'know, boundaries.


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