I've Reached a New Level of Clarity

Haley H, 30 | Art Teacher + Department Head


Despite "having my shit together" in some areas of my life (as a mum, a wife, and a teacher), I felt like I had no time, energy, or space to make any meaningful progress in what was important to me. I knew I had to get out of my own way. I just didn't know how.

Jess meets you where you're at, asking the right questions in the right way and giving you the tools to facilitate your own change. Through coaching, I've found a way of approaching my goals that's underpinned by courage, self-compassion, and sincere commitment. I've reached a level of clarity I hadn't been able to reach by myself before. I've learnt how to actually make progress.

This experience is definitely for people who want more meaning and depth to their actions (and their life), and especially for those of us who are usually quite Type A about things and just can't see past ourselves. If you're thinking about coaching, oh my god, please — just do it.



I Feel Good About Me + Not Just What I do

Jordia M, 42 | School Counselor


With such tender care, Jess put me to work. Before coaching, I was struggling with all that I was trying to accomplish daily, and I had been in this same rut for the majority of my adult life. I had never thought about what I really wanted life to be like until that first session. And that was just the beginning.

I've learned that if I feel good about me — and not just what I do — then balance, peace, and joy begin to define my life, not performance. This has allowed me to give myself brand new permissions on how I live life, and now I am able to relax into realistic expectations of myself and this life that I'm living.

Jess has a sensitivity for the hard parts, and an intuitiveness to be able to know which parts are hard and which are maybe easier. It's been so valuable to have her there to ask the questions, to challenge the thoughts, and to translate things I was saying and even things I wasn't saying.



I no longer try to fight my intuition

Denise B, 25 | Graduate Student


Before I started coaching with Jess, I felt like my job and relationship had plateaued. I was staring down a Big Decision and wracked by analysis paralysis. I knew WHY I was unhappy, but I had no guidance on HOW to take back my own happiness.

Coaching was the right place to address that need. I’ve become more forgiving and patient with myself. I no longer try to fight my intuition, but trust and work with it. I’m happier in my decisions. I’m learning that life is constantly evolving and that I’m a work in progress. And not only is that okay, it’s wonderful.

I could wax poetic about my coaching experience for much, much longer. I had no idea how powerful it would be, but it was truly invaluable.



I'd Never Told Myself I'm Beautiful Before

Samantha M, 22 | Certified Nurse Assistant


When we started, I was in pain and needed a change in my life, but I didn't know where to start. I was struggling with taking care of myself, loving myself, and even being myself. From our first session, Jess created a safe environment that allowed me to open up about everything.

Coaching helped me train my mind to become stronger and think more positive thoughts. One day during our series, while I was driving to work, I thought to myself, "That sunrise is beautiful just like you, Sami." I cried after that because I've never told myself I'm beautiful before. Those words showed me how much I was shifting through our coaching. I also ran my first 5K, which showed me that I'm stronger than I think!

Jess is an incredible coach. Every week, we would set new goals, and I felt like she was always there guiding me. I knew what I wanted, but she was there to give me the push I needed to get going. Our sessions were exciting, relaxing, and always helpful.



I'm Opening Up to the Deeper Self-Work

Kate H, 28 | Horticulturalist


When I started working with Jess, I was having to rebuild everything — my identity, my idea of the future, my daily life. I was used to receiving all my love and support from one person, my former partner, and Jess was the listening ear and supportive presence I needed to help bridge the gap while I was launching my new solo life.

As a coach, Jess is equal parts depth, sass, and acceptance. The way she asks questions and holds space in sessions, she was always guiding me to open back up to the deeper self-work, bringing me back to identity, choice, permission.

If you're going through a transition or a big life change, if you're launching something, if you're in any place where you could use support in building out a space to have a process, to get shit done, to do it in alignment with what matters most ... this is for you.



I Trust Myself to Do What Feels Best

Eva C, 27 | Corporate Buyer


By the end of our very first session, Jess’ sharp awareness, perceptive ideas, warm and clear guidance, and caring support made me immediately trust that she would truly be able to help me accomplish my goals.

And now, I feel liberated, inspired, and more myself! I trust myself to do what feels best for me, regardless of what others around me are doing and without needing to adhere to the rules of others.

My favorite part of working together was how deeply I felt the space Jess created in each session was aware and completely safe. I knew in our sessions that I could be honest and share anything I desired to, while feeling accepted, understood, and cared for. Jess is a shining light and I’m extremely thankful to have worked with her!



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